Main points about insurance history

1)    The notice will contain the car owner's last 11 years of insurance history - insurance policies and accidents.

2)    The notice will be sent to the e-mail and, for additional cost, as a registered letter to the person who purchased it.

To open the invoice and notice you should use Adobe Acrobat Reader or similar software, it can be downloaded here

3)    Available payment kinds: bank transfer or via Internet Banking.

4)    Issue will be created and sent to the client in Latvian and English

5)    Information about service cost and time:

The notice is sent only in electronic format The notice is sent both in electronic format and as a registered letter
EUR 6.80 EUR 12.60
The notice will be sent in electronic format after the payment is processed in the LTAB bank account, and the registered letter will be sent in 3 working days* (in case of error, preparation can take up to 5 days)
* Preparation time, does not include post office processing time

6)    For paying the invoice you must use only the currency of the invoice. Please add the invoice number to the payment details when making a payment!

7)    Repeated preparation of the notice and its delivery must be paid separately.

8)    The statement is valid for 1 year from the date of its creation.

Your person code will be used to identify you and your actions in our system. Manager can transfer your person code to other participants in system, if it's necessary while processing personal data.